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Our Mission

To support self-determination and increased independence of autistic individuals by providing behavioral and educational services.  Our treatment programs focus on the development of communication, language, social interaction, daily living and leisure skills, and utilize the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) methodology.


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Benefits of Our Program

Benefits to Individuals:

  • More practice on social skills outside of the home will increase independence 
  • Consistent interactions with others with similar interests will create lasting friendships
  • Generalization of living skills in a more natural environment with peers

Benefits to Parents: 

  • Parents want to see their children become as independent as possible outside of the home
  • Increased independence outside the home will make it easier for parents to take their child into the community
  • Parents want to see their children build meaningful, lasting friendships

Benefits to Community:

  • The more community members are exposed to individuals with Autism and other developmental disabilities, the more accepting they will be
  • Individuals with Autism often have a well-defined skill set and with proper training can become meaningful contributors to the community

Who We Serve

We support individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other related developmental disabilities, teenager through adulthood. These individuals may have graduated or may still currently be attending high school or a post-graduation program. We serve individuals across the Autism spectrum and group each individual with others at his/her ability level.

We are committed to working with young adults with Autism to increase independence in activities of daily living and social skills to help them become healthy, engaged, and productive members of their community. Our main focus is teaching these young adults the skills they will need to increase access to the community and ensure mastery of crucial skills in the natural environment. We currently have agreements with local community organizations such as a fitness club, a bowling alley, a movie theater, and local restaurants to use their facilities to strengthen social skills, health and leisure skills, vocational skills, and organizational skills.

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