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  • Highly trained staff work with the individual to increase skills and decrease challenging behavior.
  • Services are provided within the home and community to ensure generalization of skills.
  • On­going supervision, progress monitoring and treatment planning are conducted by a BCBA on a weekly basis.
  • Parent involvement is crucial throughout the program, which includes regular parent training from the BCBA overseeing the program.

Coastal ABA creates individualized programs using principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in order to ensure increased independence for our clients.

ABA-­Based Program

  • At the outset of the program, we conduct a comprehensive assessment of communication, social skills and functional living skills as well as any challenging behaviors that may be impacting the individual’s ability to interact with family, peers and the larger community.
  • Using the assessment we have conducted, as well as interviews with parents and the individual, we determine goals to focus on and develop an in­-depth treatment plan to follow.
  • Written programs and data collection for each goal are created, as well as a written weekly schedule of services.

Individualized ABA-­Based Program